Tuesday, April 25, 2017

There Art Thou Happy

One of my least favorite Shakespeare plays is Romeo and Juliet.  The last year that I taught the play I swore that the next time I did, I was going to start in Act V with Romeo stepping over Paris's body and reaching for the poison.

Well, semesters of non-freshmen bliss went by and here I am, for at least one semester, back in English I.  So did I make good on my oath?  Nope.

However, the teacher across the hall from me (Hi Meredith!) has a killer lesson idea for Act III scene iii.  Romeo is whining about how awful his life is and the Friar, speaking for us, I guess, has had enough of it.  He lists off a few things that Romeo should be grateful for and ends with this line:

A pack of blessings lights upon thy back: Happiness courts thee in her best array; but, like a misbehav'd and sullen wench, thou pout'st upon they fortune and thy love.  Take heed, for such die miserable.
 Not wanting her students to "die miserable", she has them as a homework assignment, list out their "pack of blessings".  Puts a bit of a positive spin to her class.

I am quickly approaching this scene and I am ready to try this out in my class.  Anyone else do something similar for this work or a different one?

This is so much better than what I did as a fairly new teacher (I was in the game long enough to know better, though).  We were about to read Night (first time I had ever taught it at the time) and I was going to be absent that day, so I gave them the journal assignment, "What is the worst thing to ever happen to you?"  In my young foolish mind, I figured that when they read Night they'll realize how simple their lives are.

When I returned, my inclusion teacher jumped my case (we got along very well).  She said I had better not EVER give that journal entry again.  The class she was in was a group of kids that did not get along with each other, normally.  When the sub asked anyone to share, she said it was one depressing thing after another.  They were all crying.  Kids who hated each other were connecting over how miserable each other's lives were.  She said that if I ever did that to her again, she was retiring.

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