Friday, May 1, 2020

A Free Lesson to Use - How to Write a Cover Letter and Resume

Here's a lesson I gave my seniors.  It is one that I created for complete on your own and one that I will use in the future for self-pace work or when I have a substitute, since they will not need me to walk them through it.

It is just a crash course in what a cover letter does and some help in creating a resume.  Each one of these could be a whole unit in themselves, but the goal here is to give the students a bit of a heads up on what these things are and how to write one if the need arises sooner than later.

The cover letter portion is a video from Indeed with a few extra tidbits along the way.

I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed with the animation pausing I did to time the tidbits to the video.

The resume portion takes students to Resume Genius where it will not just walk them through setting up a resume, but it will format it for them as well.  It even has a focus on resumes with no job experience.

There is a small follow up video on how to gain confidence going into a job interview, but there is so much more to the  interview process than this even begins to scratch the surface.

All in all, a student can watch this presentation and come out with a concept on what a cover letter is, a working resume, and a few job interview tips.  Not too shabby!

You can find it here.  Feel free to make a copy and adjust and modify to fit your students!

If  you have a better way to to do this or another similar lesson you'd like to share - say so in the comments!  We all get better by helping each other.

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