Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Writing Wednesday - The Hemingway App

Online Proofreaders are hit and miss.  The Hemingway App is different than most.  It doesn't concern itself with  punctuation and spelling, but rather readability.  And it is super simple for your students to use and does not require an account.

Here's how it works:

Students go to  There is no log in or account to set up.

Students replace the existing text with a copy of their paper (just a copy and paste job).

Immediately, the site will highlight certain things:

  • Blue - Adverbs- It gives students a certain number of adverbs to aim for. The goal number changes by how many words are in the essay.

  • Green - Passive voice verbs - Just like with adverbs, it gives an acceptable number of passive voice verbs.

  • Purple - Phrases with simpler alternatives - Students need to use this one with discernment.  It suggests some phrases that maybe should have just been worded better.

  • Yellow - Hard to Read Sentences - Again, students use with discernment.  Maybe the sentence is just overly long.  Maybe the sentence is a run-on.  

  • Red - Very hard to Read Sentences - Students are rambling here, have a run-on, or both.  Most of these will need to be addressed.

The last two are what I find to be invaluable when trying to get students to proofread their work.  The red finds some many things that would have been marked as "Awkward Wording" and helps students to eliminate confusing their readers.

Do you have a good online proofreader?  Share it in the comments!

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