Monday, September 13, 2021

Eclipse Crossword

If you have not found Eclipse Crossword, you need to.

It is a crossword maker that is easy to use and free.  There are no ads, no spam, nothing.  It allows you to customize it and it leaves you wondering, "How can this be free?"

Just go to

*WARNING* If you've bought a crossword maker program - do NOT go to the Eclipse Crossword web site.  You will curse yourself for wasting money.

Let's take a moment to review it's features:-

  • Free
  • Allows you to use your words
  • Allows you to save your word lists to access easier in the future
  • With a mere click of a button, it will create a new lay out.  I will create ten or more crossword puzzles for each class.  Sure, the clues are the same, but students are forced to at least read the clue before cheating and finding the answer from a friend, which is the whole intent of assigning the puzzle to begin with - to make the students read the clues and attach a word to it.
  • You can tell it to print out a variety of formats - Empty puzzle grid, word bank, clues, answer key, and a list of clues with answers (I like this last feature - just the other day I had a student who lost their notebook and with it, their vocabulary lists so I just printed this up and viola!  She had all the words and all the definitions and it took me less than one minute).
  • You can save it as a webpage both static for printing and interactive for completing online.
  • You can even save it in a format that allows you to open it in Microsoft Word (fun for making the border look nice).
Plus, It's an easy to create assignment for when you have a sub or a review session.   You also do not need an account nor do you need to have your students create an account to use it.

No, I do not work for them nor do I know anyone there.  I found it several years ago and have used it often.  What a great program!

Grade for Eclipse Crossword . . .    A+

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