Friday, April 17, 2020

Break Out Your Classroom (or home office...)

I got this from my librarian today and thought I would check it out:

So I tried it - and it  was fun!  The way this works is you are given a random puzzle in four parts.  You have a very limited time to answer it.  The puzzle I tried was on authors (lucky break!) and it would give all sorts of images and I had to put in the name of the author of the book that these images represented.  One person who gets all four puzzles finished gets a prize.  The whole thing took less than ten minutes.

The prize the person gets is a home breakout puzzle that you can do with your family and a breakout kit you can add to your collection or your library's collection.  We have some in our library, but they are worn out, so I am going to try and win one to replace some of the broken ones.

Will I use this in my class?  I think I will, especially in this time of online learning.  I can pick a day and say whoever can send me the answers to the four questions will get some sort of prize or recognition as smartest student or something. 

When students win, they get the home kits for themselves and the teacher gets the school kit.

They also have many breakout puzzles to pick from on their website.  Some are locked (I assume because I do not have a paid account, but I should check to see if my library does) and some need a kit, but there are a few that are digital only.  I started on this one about King Lear:

If I found one on a book or concept we were studying in class, I would use this as some sort of competition assignment.  I am hoping I'll find some mythology related ones to use in my class.

I'm curious to hear if any of you are using this or plan to try the daily puzzle.

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