Monday, April 20, 2020

Memes for Monday

So this year I teach seniors.  Our state has decided that seniors have passed the course if their grade is 60 or above as of March 13th.  The only grades we could give were makeup assignments given prior to March 13th.

Now as we move forward, we are expected to give seniors more assignments.  However, these assignments will not be graded.  We will give feedback, but they can in no way help a senior improve their GPA (passing is passing whether the student had a 65 or 95) or cause them to lose their passing status.

The people way above teachers in the education hierarchy said that students will want to continue their education for learning sake. 

Of course, we are teachers!  We will deal with this extra obstacle and move forward.  LIKE WE ALWAYS DO.  We teach students despite the good intentions of politicians.  However, this new - give-them-them-work-but-do-not-grade-it has inspired me to make a meme or two (or several) to encapsulate it.

All in jest, of course.  

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