Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tech Tuesday: How to Add a Pause to Your Google Slides Animation

Adding animation to presentations can be a fun way to keep your lessons dynamic.  Having to click the screen or mouse every time you want the next animation to begin is annoying, though, and makes you look less than extreme when standing in front of the class waiting for the animation to begin (especially after you just clicked to change to a new slide).

Google Slides does have the ability to make your animations start by click, with the previous animation (or slide change), or after the previous animation.

My problem came in that I wanted, for this particular presentation, a cloud with words or an image to float by, pause for the student to read it, then automatically move on off the screen without anyone having to click anything.

I could easily make it move in with an animation and then I could easily make it move out with an animation set to AFTER PREVIOUS.  The problem was I could not make it pause long enough for the students to read it. 

My solution was to add a transparent  image and give it animation.  I set my transparent image to move as slow as I thought I needed. Here is the set up:

Cloud Image - Flies in from left (after  previous)
Transparent Image - Flies in from left (after previous)
Cloud Image - Flies out to right (after previous)

I set the transparent image animation to slow (5 seconds).  For text that I thought students needed more time to read, I just added a second transparent image animation for another up to 5 seconds.

This way, several bits of information and images flow across the screen and move on in the time span I want without having to constantly click the screen. 

This is useful for students doing work at their own pace or at home.  It is also useful for having images come up when you want them to while giving a lecture.  You just have to time your lecture right.

Or sometimes it is just more aesthetically pleasing to have a little bit more time between movements on screen.

You can use my transparent image.  It is centered below.  Just hover over it, right click it and save.

Next week's tip - adding music to your Google Slides.

So, what tips or tricks have you used to make your Slides better?

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