Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Movie Report

In an effort to come up with assignments that can be done at home, I created a movie report.  Now, there's nothing unique about creating a book report for other media, but I just wanted one that suited my needs.

One thing almost all students have access to is TV and streaming media.  For my assignment, I allowed students to choose the movie, as long as parents approved.  Some students picked high brow movies, some pop culture, and a few picked Disney cartoons.  To me, the level of the movie did not matter as much as the student's response to it.

In my version, I had students tell the plot summary, identify the protagonists and antagonists, and find two different literary terms used in the movie.  That's pretty standard stuff.  I also had them tell me if it would be a good movie for me.  This allows them to practice audience awareness.  I also had them analyze the movie poster for a little author's purpose.  I followed it up with a walk-through on how to write an MLA citation in a step-by-step guide.

It's an easy assignment to grade and not too taxing on the student while still giving them something of value. Plus, for a student who is not motivated to read on their own, this assignment is great for getting them to think out literary concepts. 

On my TPT store, I put up a copy of this.  With it, I put a variation of it that pairs the movie to the book it is depicting.  The concept is similar and has the MLA ending, but a few of the  questions are changed to get the  student thinking about what was different and more importantly, why did the director make the change.  This gets them thinking about author's purpose.  Also, by giving a student who struggles at reading a chance to watch the movie version, you give that student not a shortcut int he reading process, but rather a visual that they can build off of.  I have found that many of my students who watch the movie version of a book we are reading in class will come up to me before or after class to discuss what was different.  These kids are more active in the reading.

If you want the pre-made copies (they are Google Docs so that you can easily edit them for your needs), you can find them on my store page at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/EET-The-Movie-Report-5452641.  I found it useful for an activity to give while my students are stuck at home and will likely continue to use it for supplemental assignments for struggling readers in future years.

If you have similar type assignments in your class, share the types of questions you like to put in to get kids thinking about literature.

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