Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tech Tuesday - Use Blogger to Make an Easy Homework Blog for Students and Parents

Communication with parents is key for a variety of reasons.  Here is one more way you can be more transparent - a homework or upcoming events blog.

The idea is simple - a blog that has either the daily work posted or the weekly work posted so that students who are absent can find what is expected of them and parents can stay up on what is going on without having to sift through all of that Canvas or Moodle page of yours.

The problem - who wants the hassle of having to login, write the post, format the post, and publish the post everyday or even every week?

Well, Blogger has an easy solution if you use them.

Once you have a blog set up, go to your design page (where you would go to create a new post).  Scroll down to SETTINGS and select EMAIL.  See that option to post using email?

It's the first one.  Pick your secret word.  Now, if you send an email to that address, it will automatically post your email to the blog.  No more logging in. No more formatting.  Easy-peasy!

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