Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tech Tuesday - Cosmobuzz - Alternatives to Kahoot!

 Want some fun gaming in class, but also want to vary it up for yourself and your students?  This is an ongoing series of alternatives to Kahoot! so that you can experience variety (which is the spice of life, you know).



Cosmobuzz does one thing and it does that one thing well!  Instead of you needing an account, you just click the link and open a room.  when you choose to Host a room, it gives you a room number to share with the students.  

The game play is simple - you ask a question and the students hit the buzzer.  The site shows you who hit the buzzer first.

Here is what they see:

Here is what you see:

When a buzzer is hit, it not only logs in the time (down to the thousandth of a second!), but it also numbers responders in order to help you quickly find.  Or you can just set it to only show the first person who buzzed in.

Students can type in an answer or you can just make it oral response.

This is super easy to do in class or remote!  Plus, my school filter was giving me some issues, so I contacted the guy who runs the site.  He responded within minutes.  We quickly found that the problem was not on his end at all, but the school filter.  If only my school IT worked as fast!  After four weeks, they came through and I am loving this new way to play in my classroom.

Give this one a whirl, guys!  People pay $$$ for buzzer systems and this one does it all for free and does it extremely well!

We will continue our search for ways to change up your online quizzes.  If you have a site I should check out, or if you have or will try this site, leave a comment!

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