Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tech Tuesday - Triventy

Hello fellow Extreme Teachers!  I'm starting a new series that I will put up here every so often called Alternatives to Kahoot!  Her's the first in the series!

Looking for alternatives to Kahoot?  It is hard to find one that is better, but there are others out there that offer a variety.  EVERY teacher is using Kahoot! (and well they should), but here is one way to stand out from the crowd a bit.

Pit Triventy head to head against Kahoot! and Kahoot! wins hands down int he flash and pizazz department; however, there are quite a few standouts that makes Triventy worth looking at:

1. Score doesn't decrease if it takes a student longer to answer.  You have only three scores - 2 points for the first one to answer, 1 point for a correct answer, 0 points for a wrong or no answer.  If you teach students who struggle with reading a question fast enough to get the big points in a Kahoot! or Quizizz game, then you've seen these students give up during these contests (that's why it is always good to call out the people that marked as on fire or on a streak but aren't in the top five).  Triventy doesn't care how long it takes to get it right once the first person has answered.  This evens the playing field some for your students who just need more time.

2. Students aren't penalized for getting hints. When making your questions, you have the ability to add a hint to give students a boost.

3. Fun 'Did You Know' statements. These pop up after the question is finished for a little bonus between questions.

4. Collaboration.  This one is the biggie.  Triventy knows this is their selling point and even puts it in their title.  You can open up a quiz to be created by multiple students.  So how is this useful?  Put students in groups.  Have them come up with a review quiz that another group will have to take (and they can take the other group's quiz).  Another way to do it is to have every student create a review question then you go through and weed out the bad ones and give the quiz to your class the next day.  Students have the incentive to come up with good questions since if you keep it, they are more likely to get it right (one would hope, at least).  

5. It's all free.  No upgrading to fancier options.  If they have it, they give it to you.

I like to use different quizzes just to keep things fresh.  Before all is said and done, we'll take a look at Quizizz, Socrative, Quizlet Live, Vocabulary Jam, and maybe a few others.  If you have an online quiz site I should put in for consideration, then post it in the comments!

If  you want to give it a test run, but don't want to put in the time to create it, then give this Spider-Man themed literary term practice a whirl and see how you like it! http://triv.in/17361

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