Thursday, November 5, 2020

Remote Feedback

 One thing I've found difficult to do is to give feedback on remote work.  If it were paper, I would just jot a note in the margins, and I can some with the comments section on a Google doc.

But I want an easier way to do it that grabs student attention.  So right now, my students are embarking on the research paper, but since we are remote, I can't just have my students bring me their note cards each day for me to thumb through looking for common mistakes.  So I created a Note Sheet template for them to use.  It's far from perfect, but I think it is getting the job done. 

For feedback, I am going to use some ready made images:



And I'll make others as I notice certain trends.  I have these on a google presentation that I have open on a second monitor so i can easily copy/paste them into their note sheet.

You can find all sorts of starburst balloons and other stuff on royalty free sites like

Not ingenious, but making my work load a little lighter while making the feedback something bright for the kids to see. Of course, some feedback can't be a cookie-cutter response, so those get the individual treatment.

So, help us out, fellow extreme teachers, what are you doing to give remote feedback?

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