Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Daily Blog - Something from Remote Learning that I Will Keep

There are quite a few things that I am ready to get back to once school goes back to normal, but one thing I am doing during this time will be a mainstay in my class.

Students are struggling to keep up with their assignments and parents like to know what is going on too.  To that end, I created a Daily Blog.

The idea is simple.  Information that I would normally keep on my white board, I put here, along with links to find everything.  I have a few sections:
Holidays - because everyday can be celebrated for something!
The Week's Work - I list day by day what we are doing that week and put in the relevant links.  I might have to make a few corrections along the way, but it is easy to update.
Homework, Missing Assignments, Bonus Assignments - I put links here for students to find work that I will still take late and such.
Common Lit Articles - Since I do these weekly, it is a nice reminder for them.  If you aren't using Common Lit, you should look into it.  I'll have to make a post about that here.
Upcoming Due Dates - Especially good reminders for major projects.

When the new week comes up, I just copy the previous week, paste it in the new post, and change up the details.

I started by making it a daily thing, but soon realized that it was too much work to update every day and students would not scroll to find what they missed.

Now when students ask me for this link or that assignment or how to do this - I just refer them back to the Daily Blog.  It's easier for me and quick for them.  Parents love it too.  I found out this morning that I had a kid last night email me after I went to sleep asking for the link to the make up test.  About thirty minutes after that was an email from his mother saying to nevermind because she told him to check the Daily Blog.  :)

I would love to here what inventive ways you guys are keeping your students informed or what remote learning ideas you'll be bringing back into the classroom when things go back to normal.

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