Monday, April 19, 2021

Blooket: An Update


A few months ago, I published a review of the gaming site Blooket.  I cannot tell you enough how awesome this site is for alternatives to Kahoot!  I have explored it a bit more and want to point out two more features.

1. You can give students a link to let them practice on their own time.  This is pretty neat way to encourage them to study.  You can also increase the chances to study for a test by maybe giving a few extra credit points if they can send you a screenshot of a particular score or higher (if you are into extra credit points, that is).

2. We tried out a few more of the games in my Mythology class (I always use them to test run material before using it in my English IV class):

  • Tower Defense - You know those mobile game ads where you have an army approaching your castle and you have to build turrets to stop them?  That is what this is.  My students were not as thrilled for this one as the others.
  • Gold Quest - THIS IS AWESOME!  Students answer the questions and when they get the right answer, they get to open one of three chests.  The chest will either give them gold, allow them to steal some gold, or allow them to swap with any player.  What makes this amazing is that the game is on a timer, so they can go for as many questions as they can within a certain minute limit (that you set) or you can say until someone gets x-amount of gold.  This allows slower students to move at their own pace.  It also inflicts a bit of randomness to the game.  Since players can swap gold, then it is possible for the kid who only knows one answer to be able to steal all of the gold away from the number 1 position.  I thought my kids would get angry at that, but they loved it because now my smartest student isn't always winning.
  • Racing - The students liked it, and I was surprised.  It's just a game where when they get an answer right, their character moves forward and when they get it wrong the character moves backward.  First one to the finish line wins.
  • Battle Royale - My favorite - either individuals or teams have lives and they are paired up with another individual or team.  First to get it right keeps the life until finally on one remains.
  • Tower of Doom - A Pokemon Go meets D&D - not my favorite because it is all individual and not class-wide play.
  • Classic - It is you run of the mill online quiz game format.

So, if you haven't yet, give a try.  If you have a Quizlet list, you can just import those terms in and make it even easier on you.  

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