Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Merging Quizzes in Quizizz

 It's no secret I love this website (check out why it is a great site here) and with remote students, I have found myself relying on it more and more.  It is the easiest way to give a remote test plus it is grade immediately and I can easily reset it for makeups and retests.

But now I am looking at making an exam for my mythology class to take remotely.  Unlike my more involved English IV exam, I don't mind this one being multiple choice.  So I'm looking to Quizizz.

It's a good move for me since they have taken all their tests in Quizizz, so they are used to this format, but I am busy grading research papers, so the idea of taking more time to create a new exam that will only be used this one time is less than thrilling.

That's when I found that you can merge different Quizizzes together.  To do this, create a new quiz and find the TELEPORT option at the top of the screen.

Next you can search your own Quizizzes or any of the public ones by typing in a search keyword.  Unclick the PUBLIC QUIZZES option if you only want to search your Quizizzes.  

Once you select a Quizizz, then you just choose which questions you wish to add.  You can always go back later and re-order the questions to fit your new format.

Do you have a different way of remote testing?  Leave a comment!

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