Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Middle Ages - Check Your Humors!

If you find yourself teaching Canterbury Tales, doing a fly-by of Middle Ages literature, King Arthur, or just want to start class off with a little something different, then Try out this online quiz to see what your humors are.


I have been going through my filing cabinet (yes, I'm old enough to still have quite a bit of my lessons in the filing cabinet) and trying to purge multiple copies of things.  I ran across this find your humor quiz that I have no memory of ever seeing before.  Most likely I stole it off of some other teacher that has impacted my life in some way shape or form (I'm betting Ms. Tyndall or Mrs. Brock).  Anyway, I have no idea what workbook they got it from since that part did not photocopy.  It also have no explanation of what the humors were.  

So I put it the questions in an online personality quiz generator (uquiz.com) and did a little research to give what each humor means, what it says about their personality, their looks, and whatnot.

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