Thursday, October 14, 2021

Keeping Your Smart Kids Busy While You Are Gone

 Ok, we've all been there - we are leaving work for a substitute and we know that the three A+ students will be finished before the bell rings. So what do you do?  Give more work?  That stinks for the kid who is struggling to get everything done.  Give those kids extra work?  Way to punish them for being bright.  

I have a slew of things that I use for extra credit, advantages in whatever game we are playing in class, etc.  They take up time and are both fun and frustrating - exactly the type of torture those kids love!

Without further ado that I present to you:

This website is found here:

What this Josh Worth guy does here is show us exactly how big the solar system is by showing it to scale.  The moon is the size of one pixel.We start at the sun and start scrolling all the way to Pluto.  It takes a while.  Along the way, he throws in little statements about how much space there really is in the universe.

So what does this have to do with English?

Somewhere between Saturn and Uranus we get this:

I challenge my students and reward them with whatever I feel like at the time with finding the Shakespeare quote and telling me what play it comes from.  The site doesn't say what play it is from, so they will have to look that up themselves.

If you have any little throw away fun activity, then share it with us in the comments!

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