Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Writing Wednesday: The Worst Way to Begin Your Novel

I'll put this up here for Creative Writing teachers, but let's face it - we all have a novel in us waiting for enough time between grading to write!  So this is as much for you as it would be any aspiring student writer.  I'm not going to steal the site's hits from them, so if you are interested, click the link or picture.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Writing Wednesday: Totem Head

Here's a quick and fun assignment for writing - Totem Head Story Contest.  

Totem Head

This is perfect for writers that are either young or not into heavy duty writing.

  • It has several age groups, including a 13-18 category.
  • It's short - 1500 words or less.
  • It's easy - just have the story start with this phrase, "So there I was..."
  • It also gives a fun nine step tutorial, making this a full lesson ready to go, perfect for these days bumping up against Thanksgiving.

The only draw back is that the kid friendly nature of it might turn off some older high school kids.  Check it out and gauge it for your students.  Leave a comment if you've used this before or if you have a student who wins!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Harvest

This particular post are for those teachers in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Book Harvest is an awesome organization that seeks to give books to middle school and high school students.  This is NOT a classroom library thing, this is a give the book to the kid to take home and keep forever thing.  Each year they give away books in August, December, and May.  If you teach students in low income areas, you are invited to come and pack up boxes of books (the first time I went I lefts with one box full of books and they were trying to get me to take more).

These are not used books.  These are not books from no name authors.  Last time I was there I came away with a load of brand new Rick Riordan books.  There are some classics, some picture focused books, and plenty of YA books.

Want in on this?  Their web site is and on this site you'll find the email address for Daniele Berman, the Community Partnership Manager and she can get you on the email list to alert you of the next book harvest.