Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome to Extreme English

What is this blog all about?  It's about the greatest teachers in all of academia - the high school English teacher!  Those who read and (hopefully) contribute back are the ones who have raised their already high level to the extreme.

The posts here are to be practical lesson ideas, things English teachers find funny, tech tips, web site reviews, and anything else that we find interesting and useful.

One series of posts I hope to get to and hope to get your help on is Movies Reviewed by Teachers.  We will review movies with the eye of whether or not they are useful to show in class.

Unlike other blogs, this needs to be more interactive.  Comment.  Agree or disagree.  Offer your own ideas.  Tell how you tweaked it.  Submit ideas to be discussed.  Even think about writing a post or two.

So brace yourself, Extreme English Teacher is coming!