Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Merging Quizzes in Quizizz

 It's no secret I love this website (check out why it is a great site here) and with remote students, I have found myself relying on it more and more.  It is the easiest way to give a remote test plus it is grade immediately and I can easily reset it for makeups and retests.

But now I am looking at making an exam for my mythology class to take remotely.  Unlike my more involved English IV exam, I don't mind this one being multiple choice.  So I'm looking to Quizizz.

It's a good move for me since they have taken all their tests in Quizizz, so they are used to this format, but I am busy grading research papers, so the idea of taking more time to create a new exam that will only be used this one time is less than thrilling.

That's when I found that you can merge different Quizizzes together.  To do this, create a new quiz and find the TELEPORT option at the top of the screen.

Next you can search your own Quizizzes or any of the public ones by typing in a search keyword.  Unclick the PUBLIC QUIZZES option if you only want to search your Quizizzes.  

Once you select a Quizizz, then you just choose which questions you wish to add.  You can always go back later and re-order the questions to fit your new format.

Do you have a different way of remote testing?  Leave a comment!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Inference Using "Ordeal By Cheques"

We are doing the research paper, so I am strapped for time to update the blog right now, but here is an oldie that you might not have seen.

One of my son's middle school teachers gave this to him and I think it is absolutely brilliant.  I've used it ever since in my ninth grade short story unit.  Students who do not read well, can handle this one.  It is an excellent story to work inference skills.  I like to put it on the SmartBoard and do the discussion about what is really happening and who are the characters.  I do have to review a little bit about what are the components of a check, since these objects are becoming obsolete.

"Ordeal by Cheques" by Wuther Crue is a visual story that must have the entire plot inferred as we only get to see a series of checks written over a period of 28 years. The checks look like this:

Over the course of the story, little things change, such as the name that signs the check, the date, etc.  The students are left to figure out why these check are being written and who these people are that are having checks written to them.  Certain people get checks in the same amount while some checks are way too high for the time period.

Here is a copy of the story.  It is not long and if you teach inference skills or short stories, I encourage you to give it a shot in your class.  Let me know if you have any stories similar to this.